Welcome to my personal website!

I found no systematic records to review my own life. My memory is loosing the contents slowly. I found my printed materials are deteriorating because of dust and insects. Some of the materials are lost because I lend them others but some others are lost without lending. These materials need preservation. The website is a better option than my personal computer for this purpose.

This website presents my brief introduction, professional life and academic activities. Visitors can find electronic copies of the published materials or link to these materials so far these are available. However, only photographs of cover of the books are presented here. The visitors can download and use the available resources as reference following appropriate academic practice.

The website has Nepali and English language versions. Visitors can reach other language website by clicking the link available at the top left corner. Information available in both the sites are the same. Headings of the published materials are presented with translation but other information are kept as in the original.

I am unable to provide original material or link to the material of some of the published documents here. A few others are yet to be listed. I will fulfill the gaps gradually.

I have tried to present the information error free. However, if there are any errors on the facts presented in this website I will correct when I know.

It is my professional duty to question. Let’s question.